Hi, my name is Kyran Dale and I'm a jobbing programmer, ex research-scientist, recreational hacker, independent researcher, occasional entrepreneur, cross-country runner and improving jazz pianist. I live most of the year in sunny (as Paris) Brighton, UK. During 15 odd years as a research scientist I hacked a lot of code, learned a lot of libraries and settled on some favourite tools. These days I find Python, Javascript and a little C++ goes a long way to solving most problems out there. I specialize in fast-prototyping and feasibility studies, with an algorithmic bent but am happy to just build cool things. If you think I might be able to help you out just get in touch.

For Hire

I specialize in data visualization for the web and am available for bespoke visualizations (D3 being a major tool), fast-prototyping, feasibility studies and any cool projects in that ball-park. I can hack full-stack, from back-end web-servers, Python or node.js, to large front-end Javascript libraries.



I've refined my toolset over the years, having coded in most things over that time. Nowadays Python is my universal solvent, C(++) for when I need to make the CPU sweat a bit, and Javascript for presenting things to the world (wide-web). Favourite Libraries include:


Flask, Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, PyMongo, PIL, Ctypes, Cython, PyOpenGL, BeautifulSoup, Scrapy, wxPython, Requests, SQLAlchemy, NLTK, PyOpenCV


D3, THREE.js, Angular, jQuery, lodash, underscore, crossfilter


C(++), OpenGL, Hadoop, Bootstrap, AWS, SQL

Coding Work

I've worked freelance on a number of projects, from investigating the feasibility of using Open-sourced Optical-Character-Recognition to retrieve information from web-images to building Javascript libraries to allow labelled networks to dynamically reposition, subject to constraints.

My last project involved building a rather ambitious pipeline to process huge numbers of twitter tweets, both in real time and cached. It was astonishing what two devs can achieve these days using off-the-shelf open-source tools. We ran the cluster of machines on Amazon's AWS, which made scaling the job-servers a fairly trivial affair.


I spent some time as co-founder and CTO building a couple of Internet companies:
Showmedo is a site where one can watch peer-produced videos to learn about programming and Open Source Software. It has the largest collection of Python programming videos on the web. Showmedo forced me to develop some web-dev chops as I was responsible for front and back end development.

I recently spent some time building Strongsteam, an ambitious web-based, RESTful API to make using algorithm's from Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing etc.. easy. This involved building a scalable architecture that could adapt to the heavy processing requirements. Python was the glue language, with fast C/C++/Fortran libraries doing the heavy lifting.


After completing an MSc in Knowledge Based Systems at Sussex University I hung around to get a doctorate with the Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics. My doctorate involved applying techniques from Evolutionary Robotics to the problem of insect navigation - in a nutshell why bees and wasps forage for food differently than ants. I stayed on the academic conveyor belt for a few post-docs, which involved, among other things, becoming the greatest bumblebee trainer alive and developing a novel robot control architecture using chemical reaction-diffusion systems.