Hi, my name is Kyran Dale and I'm a jobbing programmer, ex research-scientist, recreational hacker, independent researcher, occasional entrepreneur, cross-country runner and improving jazz pianist. I live most of the year in sunny (as Paris) Brighton, UK. During 15 odd years as a research scientist I hacked a lot of code, learned a lot of libraries and settled on some favourite tools. These days I find Python, Javascript and a little C++ goes a long way to solving most problems out there. I specialize in fast-prototyping and feasibility studies, with an algorithmic bent but am happy to just build cool things. If you think I might be able to help you out just get in touch.

Coder for Hire

I've worked freelance on a number of projects, from investigating the feasibility of using Open-sourced Optical-Character-Recognition to retrieve information from web-images to building Javascript libraries to allow labelled networks to dynamically reposition, subject to constraints.

My last project involved building a rather ambitious pipeline to process huge numbers of twitter tweets, both in real time and cached. It was astonishing what two devs can achieve these days using off-the-shelf open-source tools. We ran the cluster of machines on Amazon's AWS, which made scaling the job-servers a fairly trivial affair.


After completing an MSc in Knowledge Based Systems at Sussex University I hung around to get a doctorate with the Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics. My doctorate involved applying techniques from Evolutionary Robotics to the problem of insect navigation - in a nutshell why bees and wasps forage for food differently than ants. I stayed on the academic conveyor belt for a few post-docs, which involved, among other things, becoming the greatest bumblebee trainer alive and developing a novel robot control architecture using chemical reaction-diffusion systems.


I spent some time as co-founder and CTO building a couple of Internet companies:
Showmedo is a site where one can watch peer-produced videos to learn about programming and Open Source Software. It has the largest collection of Python programming videos on the web. Showmedo forced me to develop some web-dev chops as I was responsible for front and back end development.

I recently spent some time building Strongsteam, an ambitious web-based, RESTful API to make using algorithm's from Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing etc.. easy. This involved building a scalable architecture that could adapt to the heavy processing requirements. Python was the glue language, with fast C/C++/Fortran libraries doing the heavy lifting.


Javascript used to be a toy language but a recent arms race between the browser developers, foremost Google's development of the V8 Engine, has seen its power increase orders of magnitude. You can now do very cool things. Click on the picture below to see some of my JS experiments: